Case Study: Access Services


Access Services is a provider of community-based specialized services for individuals with disabilities in Southeastern Pennsylvania and around the world. For the last six years, Timmons&Company has develop a brand and market strategy that helps expands their mission to provide those in need with companionship, resources and opportunities to grow as part of a community.

“Your team is fantastic! We are really looking good…The designs have been great. The writing is very good. You have added so much expertise that we were lacking. I continue to be excited about future projects and possibilities as we continue this partnership.” – Brenda Boorse, Regional Director, Access Services


With such a wide range of services across multiple counties, Access Services relied on us to simplify their messaging and create a clear branding system that accommodated not only their existing programs, but future ones as well.


We completely redesigned Access Services website to give it a more modern and updated feel, while also improving the site’s functionality, content management system and e-commerce abilities.

Annual Reports

Beyond disclosing financial information, we added touching success stories and testimonials to Access Services’ annual to inform their donors and contributors about the lives their services changed over the past year.

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