Case Study: AmerisourceBergen


AmerisourceBergen® is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical services companies serving global markets with a focus on the pharmaceutical supply chain. Servicing pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare providers and retail pharmacies, they relied on Timmons&Company for multi-faceted marketing that made an impact in those industries.

Corporate Marketing Materials

We started by creating a dynamic portfolio of corporate materials. We ensured that the messaging was appropriate for their intended audiences and used their brand elements to create a consistent look and feel across their entire organization. Our goal was elevate these pieces and have them represent their bold, leadership role in the pharmaceutical distribution industry.


A key strategy employed for the AmerisourceBergen account was the development of individual microsites. While their corporate website offered a high-level overview of the wholesaler’s business, our microsites had a more focused approach based on the objectives of each campaign. From webinar registration pages to product- or market-specific pages, we created a turnkey mechanism that allowed us to track response rates, organize attendance for events, and give audiences the precise message in a user-friendly fashion.

Direct Marketing

Every year, AmerisourceBergen attends the National Association of Chain Drug Stores’ (NACDS) Annual Meeting. To drive traffic to their booth, we created a direct mail campaign with a classical music theme to emphasize how partnering with AmerisourceBergen could help chain pharmacies “perform.” An overwhelming success, the campaign delivered a 78% response rate.

Tradeshow Displays

AmerisourceBergen hosts the annual National Healthcare Conference and Exhibition (NHCE) for the nation’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare providers and retail pharmacies. For their booth at the show, we created these chess-themed graphics to emphasize how partnering with AmerisourceBergen could give attendees the “right strategy to make moves in the market.”

B2B Advertising Campaigns

AmerisourceBergen relied on us for multiple B2B advertising campaigns to different audiences within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Created for their pharmacy automation and technology division, the pictured campaign on the right.

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