Case Study: Core Essence Orthopaedics


Core Essence Orthopaedics is an orthopaedic medical device manufacturer that creates innovative products that help perfect high-volume, sports medicine procedures involving soft tissue and skeletal repair of the extremities. We helped them grow from a small, unknown startup with one product to a nationwide corporation with multiple product lines.

Corporate Branding

We were tasked with developing a brand that matched both their market and business model. With products designed to improve high volume procedures and a surgeon-focused marketing strategy, we developed the tagline “Technology Serving Technique” to convey the real benefits their products could provide. We created a logo, brand imagery, messaging and product brochure that were designed to position them as innovators in the medical device market.


Our next mission was to give them an innovative web presence. Using their new brand, we designed and developed their site, optimized it for search engines (SEO) and cross-linked the site with other relevant industry sites. Currently, their products appear as the #1 organic search link in multiple product categories – ahead of many larger and better-known competitors. We also developed a branded YouTube page to house their videos and further raise the rank. You can see their website at

Tradeshow Display

As a startup company, Core Essence had the unique challenge of requiring a tradeshow display that simultaneously made them look like, while differentiating them from, the leaders in the medical device market. We created a booth featuring a large visual display to grab passerbys’ attention and drive booth traffic while also highlighting their products.

Surgical Technique Brochures

Medical device manufacturers provide surgical technique guides to clearly explain how a procedure is done using their product. The simplicity and clarity of these guides are often key factors that determine whether or not a surgeon will try a new device. Knowing that these guides serve both a functional and marketing role, we worked directly with their surgeons to create guides that were specific enough to accurately explain the procedure, yet simple enough to not appear difficult or confusing. We developed these guides for multiple indications of their entire product line.

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