Case Study: Siemens


Siemens is the world’s 20th largest corporation. Having been their partner for the last seven years, they turned to us when they needed to develop, design, launch and market a new user-friendly web app for the Energy Efficiency Campaign.

Web Application: Energy Savings Estimator

As the world’s leading supplier of products, systems, applications solutions and services for the entire drive train, Siemens wanted an easy way to demonstrate how much energy and costs could be saved by switching to their products. Working closely with the client, we conceptualized, designed, built and launched the one-of-a-kind Energy Savings Estimator.

Energy Efficiency Brochure

Matching the design and branding of the app, we took the wealth of Siemens’ statistical evidence and success stories and created an energy efficiency brochure to communicate the multitude of ways that their unique line of drive train products can help companies increase efficiency, reduce waste and save money.

“We believe that our Energy Savings Estimator is an industry first, providing customers with an easy method of understanding the potential that upgrades may offer…all through one easy-to-use website.” – Doug Keith, President, Drive Technologies Division, Siemens
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