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Rebranding for B2B companies can appear daunting but, at its core, branding is all about story-telling. When a company understands how to tell its own story in a powerful way, sales people are more effective, communication materials are more consistent, and more time is spent with properly targeted prospects who are likely to become actual customers.

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Philadelphia advertising agencies run the gamut from one-man bands to top-heavy behemoths. Timmons&Company has always focused on being right-sized. We work with multibillion-dollar multinationals and help start-ups get off the ground. The quality they all require is a savvy marketing partner who understands what drives their business. And that’s what drives us.

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Web design inspiration is driven by the truth behind a brand’s identity. Unlocking the secret of successful customer response through targeted online advertising and layered messaging filters and drives the right customers to an optimized website, designed to address and meet their business needs with clarity and immediacy.

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5 Direct Marketing Mistakes B2B Companies Should Avoid

September 15, 2014

Last week, we covered the five biggest marketing mistakes to avoid, mistakes that can spell doom for your campaign before you even get it off the ground. Since the world of B2B marketing is so multi-faceted, especially with the rise of social media, emerging channels and online marketing campaigns, it’s important to examine your marketing efforts from each facet. One of those facets is B2B direct marketing, an often vital component of many marketing campaigns. Direct marketing can be an incredibly effective way of generating interest and awareness in your brand and your product or service, as long as you can avoid the common pitfalls.   Read More >

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