Whether you’re seeking to build a brand from the ground up or expand the market share of your existing business, we are the ideal B2B marketing agency partner in Philadelphia. Over the years, Timmons&Company has developed extensive experience in a wide range of industries; this platform allows our team to draw from a rich repertoire of best practices and tactics as we craft strategies and plans for our clients.

What’s more, we are a creative agency with wide-ranging capabilities that enable us to understand complex technologies and engineering principles as well as to add value when we work in simpler or more straightforward fields. The industries we serve include technology, industrial and manufacturing, food and beverage, financial and professional services, health care and dental wellness, medical devices, nonprofits, and pharmaceuticals.  

Regardless of your industry, we are focused on developing long-term partnerships with our clients — forming relationships in which our team functions as an extension of yours. Whether you want to completely outsource your marketing by using our Philadelphia based marketing and advertising firm as your virtual marketing department, or hire us for a single project, we can help you achieve your goals.


We have extensive experience working for B2B technology companies, so we understand that you are often dealing with multiple decision makers, difficult-to-explain technologies, longer sales cycles, and sophisticated engineers who are hard to reach.

We do not take for granted how hard it can be to navigate the B2B technology market, and are focused on succeeding despite any obstacles and attracting quality leads and demand for your products and services.

We can develop marketing messages and tactics that will resonate with your decision makers and help you exceed your bottom-line goals.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Throughout the more than 50 years we have been affording marketing solutions, Timmons&Company has supported numerous clients in the B2B industrial and manufacturing spaces. Our president has an engineering background and brings his over 20 years of  successful and practical history of running the sales and marketing operations at world-class organizations to the table as we assist our clients in achieving their targets and objectives.

We are proud to have created and launched full-service marketing initiatives for companies in a multitude of industrial and manufacturing areas, including engineering, transportation and logistics, energy and electronics, and telecommunications.

Our agency is poised to take your organization or product line to the next level.

Food & Beverage

Like most businesses, the food and beverage market is facing strong pressure to meet evolving consumer demands in the face of steep competition. We have the knowledge and experience to help you quickly adapt and even pivot to target your customers and prospects with professional marketing strategies and tactics that will resonate.

Using our decades or experience and proven methods that lead to creative and innovative design and personalized marketing strategies, we can help differentiate your messaging and elevate your brand above the competition.

Financial & Professional Services

We provide full-service marketing to firms spanning the banking, business and professional services, legal services, financial and insurance services, and market research and consulting fields.

We are big-picture, clear thinking, practical full-service marketing agency that will partner with you to create and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that focuses on your strengths and is aligned with your budget, goals, and available resources.

Whether you are a new institution or firm looking for a comprehensive way to get your name into the marketplace or an established practice with a dated look in need of a refresh, we can help to get your brand and marketing strategy where it needs to be and doing what it needs to do: attracting new clients while reassuring existing ones that you are who they want to partner with.

Health Care & Dental Wellness

Timmons&Company has extensive B2B health care marketing experience. Our full-service offerings to companies, including pharmaceutical, clinical research, medical device companies, and hospital and health organizations, are focused on lead generation. Our strategies often involve brand storytelling and specific calls to action that will resonate with the appropriate respective audiences, but we are proud to say that we can be as innovative as necessary to achieve the bottom-line objectives each client’s unique needs present.

We have also worked successfully with a number of dental and orthodontic professionals who are either expanding their existing client base, opening new offices, or adding aesthetic services that need to be introduced and explained.

Our marketing initiatives meet you where you are now and then take your operation to new heights.

Medical Devices

To be an effective medical device marketing agency, you need to know how to balance working with legal, regulatory, and creative teams to promote your products, all while still complying with the legal and regulatory regulations that apply.

Our marketing and advertising firm in Philadelphia has helped medical device companies engage with patients, nurses, doctors, clinicians, and managers of health systems, and welcomes the opportunity to discuss how we can help you move your organization or product to the next level.


We’re a full-service advertising agency that can help your nonprofit with its marketing needs and reach the audiences that you want to communicate with.

We are gifted in developing powerful creative content and targeted communications that connect with individuals across their entire decision-making journey, including such areas as awareness and recruitment, fundraising and advocacy, volunteering, and more.

Our Philadelphia based business strategic marketing experts are proud of our work in this area, as we are not only making a difference in your level of success, but we are also often making a positive difference in the lives of the people who benefit from the initiatives nonprofits represent. We do this by increasing awareness of the services offered by nonprofits.


We create integrated marketing experiences to help pharma companies keep pace with both traditional and digital audiences through creative ideation, strategic planning, and compelling content.

T&C specializes in creating exciting and insight-driven authentic brand experiences that will speak to and resonate with physicians and their patients.

Don’t See Your Field?

We are often asked, “Have you ever worked with…?” With thousands of successfully completed projects over the course of our 50+ years in business, the answer is that we probably have done something in just about every field. And having all of that experience and knowledge to leverage and apply to your company’s needs allows us to come up to speed quickly and develop a customized solution that solves your unique challenges and goals.

Our Philadelphia based B2B team has the insight and market knowledge to hit the ground running and come up to speed quickly to understand your business and solve the challenges that you are facing. We look forward to your viewing us as a valuable extension of your team.

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